Nene Valley Astronomical Society - The Future??

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Nene Valley Astronomical Society - The Future??

Post  Steve Williams on Wed Oct 09, 2013 7:00 am

I included the following piece in the October 2013 edition of our Stargazer newsletter......

In a few months time (April 2014!), your society will be celebrating it’s fifth birthday! Time has certainly flown by and the group has already achieved a lot in it’s relatively short existence. I have however, been giving some thought recently to the future and believe that the society can achieve and enhance it’s profile a lot more in the future, if there are some willing volunteers, to come forward and assist in the running of the society. I do not envisage that a big time commitment will be required for any of the roles I am proposing, however when a group is run by one or two people it places a greater workload on these people, than if say half a dozen people are willing to assist.
The roles, I’m proposing are:

Chairperson - to ‘front’ the running of the meetings and introduce speakers.

Secretary - to deal with general enquiries and send out meeting details to Astronomy Now magazine as well as adding them to other forums - eg Stargazers Lounge.

Speaker Organiser(s) - to arrange for speakers at the meetings at Sudborough and Chelveston, which could be two roles, one for each meeting venue. I have a long list of speakers to assist!

Treasurer - to collect the admission fees at each meeting and make payments from the funds to visiting speakers and for the rent of hiring the village

Stargazer Editor - responsible for producing this newsletter.

Website Editor - maintains the groups presence on the web and acts as moderator for the forum

These are of course only my suggestions and thoughts! Just let me know if you would like to volunteer or would like any further details on what each role would entail. You may of course have you own thoughts and suggestions on this, which I would very welcome to hear. I have added a discussion piece on our forum, but you can of course chat to me at any of the group’s events.

For myself I am not planning to disappear, but I increasingly think that the group would benefit from some volunteers to come forward to bring new ideas and perspectives to the society.

Steve Williams

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