Basic Astro Observations.

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Basic Astro Observations.

Post  Alec Parker on Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:33 am

Please excuse the basic nature of these observations.. but I find them useful in learning the night sky!!

I stepped out at 10 p.m. earlier in the week and was shocked to find a bright star high above! It was overhead and towards the west.. turns out this is Arcturus one of the brightest stars in the sky. Then looking directly above me another star... that was Vega which is one of the Summer Triangle stars. Nothing else at that time. The sky was still quite light towards the northern horizon. After about ten to twenty minutes another couple of stars appeared... or maybe my eyes were getting tuned in!? To the south east of Vega was the star Altair another of the Summer Triangle and towards the North East was Deneb the last of the triangle stars. Low on the horizon toward the South was a bright red star which was Antares. I think the good thing about the sky being light (at this time of year) is that the brighter stars appear first and can be easily recognised whereas when the skies are dark early in winter the sky is chocker block with stars and it is more difficult to locate individual objects. That's my opinion anyway. After a few more minutes the Plough appeared which took time as the sky was still quite light towards the North. Thereafter various stars kept popping out and recognition was a bit more tricky. Anyway, it was good to see some sky and stars again after what seems a long time.

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