Observation of Comet PANSTARRS

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Observation of Comet PANSTARRS

Post  Harry Hamill on Wed Mar 20, 2013 8:16 am

March 19th
First really clear evening for a couple of weeks. I've made a couple of previous attempts to spot the comet through varying degrees of cloud but with no success.
Tonight I went out to between Gretton and Harringworth to get a clear view of the south and west sky away from street lights.
The moon was at first quarter moving into Gemini. I'd intended to use γ Pegasi as a guide to locate the comet in the twilight. I could only locate α Andromedae with the naked eye.
Using 10 x 50 binoculars I picked up PANSTARRS at 7.25pm when it was 8 degrees above the horizon. The head was almost stellar with about 15' of tail nearly vertical. The magnitude is given as 2.1 by SkySafari.
I watched the comet for about 20 minutes until it was around 5 degrees above the horizon. At no time could I see it with the naked eye.

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